GUFC Annual FIFA Tournament

The annual ‘Waste A Tenner Cause You’re Never Going To Win’ day is just around the corner or if you have happen to be half decent you may call it ‘Fifa Tournament’ day!

Yes, once a year, usually between Christmas and New Year, GUFC hold a FIFA Tournament at The George in Girton. It’s usually £10 to enter (price TBC nearer the time) and there are prizes for 1st, 2nd and possibly 3rd depending on who it is! There will be a wooden spoon as well for the loser, current holder is Tom Fitt. There is also a raffle, prizes are usually unwanted Xmas gifts, and a BBQ put on by The George.

We have two prospective dates, the 28th and 29th December. Below is a poll to get an idea on what date is suitable for everyone so please choose what one works for you so we can announce what date we will be doing it.


[polldaddy poll=9562764]

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