Schedule and Availability Tools

We’re looking at using some apps to help with the organisation of training and match days. Both team managers would like to be able to plan ahead for their matches to help managers and players alike organise ahead of time. Lets stop the last minute scrabble for players on a Thursday/Friday night!

In order to help the Club will be using Team Stuff. A free website with mobile apps (iOS and Android) that will help make everyone’s lives a little easier by moving away from texts and moving towards planned open schedules.





How does it work?

A registration link is at the bottom of this page. Once you register and login you can see up coming games, events and training and set your availability for them with one press of a button. If you install the app, notifications of upcoming matches are sent directly to the app by push messages (not via text) along with reminders and messages. Replies can be done with one press of a button. Addresses of away games and other details will also included in the fixtures in one place too.




Sign up for Team Stuff below by following the links below :
Girton United
Girton United Reserves

Once you’ve done that, get the app for your phone (yes it is free) and login using the details you provide.

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